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Distributor cooperation process

Welcome the high quality dealers who are interested in contributing to the power supply industry in China to negotiate the cooperation. The application process is as follows.

1. Fill in relevant information with directly applying for agency by telephone or email and.
2. After the approval of ECOWATT, field management, regional consultation, confirmation, interviews, and cooperation will be conducted by market management.
3. After the two sides agreed on the communication, the core agent cooperation agreement was signed at Ecowatt, and the corresponding agent authorization and other qualification were issued.
4. Agents must appoint technical personnel to the company on a regular or irregular basis to carry out relevant product knowledge training and learning. The person who have passed the examination are certified by authorized maintenance engineer and can carry out after-sale maintenance work on behalf of ECOWAATT. We open our arms, welcome the vast number of elites to join ECOWATT business circle, work together to build win-win!

The basic conditions for agents to apply for cooperation are as follows
  • Cooperation agreement

    Identify with Ecowatt and the products, understand the sales strategy of Ecowatt, abide by the cooperation agreement between the two sides;

  • Manage Customers

    Familiar with the characteristics and sales methods of China's power supply industry, with its own customer channels, able to independently develop and manage customers;

  • Business reputation

    Have good corporate image and business reputation, and enjoy good reputation in the industry;

  • Ecowatt

    Honest cooperation, pragmatic and progressive, and strive to promote the brand and products of Ecowatt;

One of the key drivers of Ecowatt's rapid growth in these years is its channel partners all over the country. It is the aspirations of the partners who have achieved Ecowatt today and made Ecowatt strong enough to move towards a higher goal! Iliko is willing to work with all partners to create a safe, reliable and efficient power supply environment for customers to achieve green and sustainable development through tailor-made power solutions.

Welcome the majority of elites to join the Ecowatt power channel partner business circle, and work together to build a win-win situation!

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