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  • AC Source

    Also known as variable frequency power supply, it is widely used in the production test of various power equipment, electric vehicle charging piles and modules, power operation power supply, various switching power supply, communication power supply and various customized power modules or systems.

  • DC Source

    Also known as programmable DC source, it can provide programmable DC power, which is a high-power and stable power, and is suitable in the laboratory and automatic test system. It can provide a very wide combination of voltage and current in the whole power range, so it has great flexibility.

  • DC Aging Equipment

    Also known as DC electronic load, it belongs to feeder type power supply equipment, which can be used for aging of charging pile module and charging pile system, aging test of various DC output power supply equipment, verification of charging capacity of charging pile and acceptance test on site.

  • AC Aging Equipment

    Also known as AC electronic load, it also belongs to feeder type power supply equipment, which is generally used for aging test of high-power AC power supply and AC power supply system, as well as factory test, field inspection and acceptance of high-power AC power system.