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Industrial ups leaders

  • Thyristor Charger

    Industrial Rectifier-Charger is specially designed for harsh industrial application environment with high performance application requirements. It provides high reliability, high performance and high quality DC power.

  • Arc Suppression Power

    The arc suppression power supply is an important part of the complete set of arc suppression device. It can work closely with the control panel in the device. In case of ground fault in the power grid line, it can quickly determine the fault phase, and quickly realize the arc suppression protection and disconnect the corresponding fault point switch.

  • Shore power supply

    Shore power supply is a high-power variable-frequency power which specially designed for high temperature, high humidity, high corrosiveness, large load impact and other harsh use environment on board and quay. It has high insulation level and protection ability, and fully conforms to CCS marine product certification standard.

  • Bi-directional DC Source

    Bi-directional DC Source is a high-end equipment which specially developed for the motor controller, drive motor and vehicle test of new energy electric vehicle industry. It can be applied to the early R&D and later type test (reliability test and factory test) of motor controller, drive motor and other products.

  • Military Power Supply

    Military power supply is a kind of frequency static frequency conversion power, specially designed for aviation, military electronic and electrical equipment. It can be used with aircraft, airborne, radar, navigation and other military electronic equipment, and use in other occasions where 400Hz intermediate frequency power is needed.

  • Bi-Directional Inverter

    Also known as inverter charging machine, it adopts the latest generation of power electronic technology and digital control scheme, and can automatically or manually select the charging and discharging mode. It is a clean and green emergency AC power equipment.

  • Dynamic Voltage Restorer

    Dynamic Voltage Restorer is an integrated multi-functional power quality control system, which is used for power quality assurance of low-voltage distribution network in large-scale advanced manufacturing plants, and comprehensively solves the problems of voltage sag, harmonic, reactive power and energy storage.