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Industrial ups leaders

  • Transformer UPS

    S6000 series Transformer Base UPS adopts double conversion technology, with high pollution prevention level and high reliability, which provides high reliability, high quality and safety power guarantee for harsh environment such as dust, large temperature difference, power grid instability, etc

  • Industrial UPS

    Relying on the latest UPS R&D and manufacturing experience, S6000 series industrial UPS integrates the latest customer requirements and industry applications, based on the latest generation of industrial standard, and specially designed for the high industrial field, with high reliability, high performance and intelligence.

  • Electrical UPS

    S6000 series electric UPS integrates the development and manufacturing experience of ECOWATT for many years, and adopts dual-conversion technology, and is specially designed for the electric power field such as the transformer station, the power plant and other power industry.

  • Rack UPS

    M6000 series modular UPS has a very high power density and can be installed in a 19 inch standard server cabinet, which is convenient for integrated use with the server. And it is the first choice for small data centers.

  • EPS

    E6000 series EPS integrates the latest needs of the industry and the latest power electronics technology. According to the EPS industry technical standard, it provides high reliability, safety and efficient emergency power solution for expressway, industrial system, civil construction, tunnel, rail transit and other fields.