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Industrial ups leaders

  • IPDS

    ECOWATT IPDS adopts a distribution design that integrates multiple power input and output, supports comprehensive power monitoring and control, and can comprehensively improve the distribution operation management and safety management level.

  • Isolation Voltage stabilizer

    Isolation Voltage stabilizer is an indispensable auxiliary system in the large UPS power supply system, which can protect, distribute and control bypass of the power system.

  • BMS

    The new generation battery online monitoring and management system mainly detects the battery voltage, battery current, single battery voltage, internal resistance, temperature, environment temperature and other relevant parameters, and performs intelligent analysis function for the battery, which can realize on-site and remote monitoring and management.

  • Lead Acid Battery

    Combined with modern production technology, ECOWATT lead-acid battery has the characteristics of high performance, high energy density, long life, pollution-free, maintenance free and high reliability.