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Thyristor Charger

Thyristor Charger is specially designed for harsh industrial application environment with high performance application requirements. It provides high reliability, high performance and high quality DC power.

Thyristor Charger is designed on thyristor technology, the rectifier can charge nickel cadmium battery and lead-acid battery and supply DC load at the same time. It can also be used as independent DC power supply without battery.

Application fields:

R6000 series Thyristor Charger can be widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, power plant, natural gas, electric power, marine, heavy industry, mining, transportation and other industries.

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SCR rectifier with DSP control technology, overvoltage, undervoltage protection for reliable operation in all mains conditions
Input isolation transformer for AC-DC
High operating safety and reliability, even under difficult circumstances over long periods of time
Adjustable manual and automatic charging mode for maximum flexibility on operation
Digital control panel and touch screen for meters, alarms,and history events for maximum flexibility on monitoring
Parallel operation for redundancy requirements
Support all charging mode for vented/sealed lead acid batteries and Ni-Cd batteries
More than 12,000 history records to quickly and accurately
Front accessibility for easy maintenance
Battery charging temperature compensation

compensationCable voltage drop compensation

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Rated Input Voltage:230 Vac 1-phase or 400 Vac 3-phase

Rated voltage(Vdc):24/48/60/110/125/220

Rated current(A):25~1000

Special requirements can be customized

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