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  • Special Vehicle Inverter

    Special vehicle inverter is specially made for new energy special vehicles, serves the field of new energy special vehicles with very high safety, and can realize seamless communication with the whole vehicle equipment. It is a vehicle inverter power supply which integrates high reliability, high performance and intelligence.

  • Vehicle V2G Inverter

    Vehicle V2G inverter is specially made for the new energy special vehicle, supports the two-way flow of energy, can be used in the working mode of V2L and G2V mode to meet the charging and discharging requirements of the special vehicle. It has high availability and performance-price, is the best choice for the vehicle power supply system.

  • Car/Ship UPS

    Also called power inverter, it can convert the DC power of the car into AC power. This car/ship UPS is a convenient power converter for general electrical appliances, and named for special vehicle or vessel. It is designed for anti-corrosion of marine engineering, and mainly used for power supply on the vehicle/vessel.

  • Car/Ship Inverter

    Also called power converter, it can convert DC power into AC power for general electrical appliances. As a DC/AC converter used in mobile, car/ship inverter adopts marine anti-corrosion design, which widens the application range of electric vehicles or vessels, and brings many conveniences to life.